Creating Glass Art WITHOUT the HEAT 

A blown glass vase requires a very hot furnace and the manipulation of molten glass, a glass bead requires a torch, stained glass requires a soldering iron, with years of practice, and limited color choices.

Fused glass/kiln formed glass is so much More 

There is no hot temperatures involved, success start with your very first project, and you have access to 100's of colors of glass.

What to expect on your first Visit

As a beginner you will start with a clear base piece of glass and an assortment of colored glass to add and layer on top of the clear base.

When your piece is done the we will put it in a kiln that will do the fusing and shaping of your creation.



Fusing Education with Glass  

Shannon holds an Arizona Teaching Credential, a MS in Integrated Curriculum & Instruction, Discipline Based Art Education, and an Administrative Certificate AND she's a ESA registered Tutor.

She recognizes the need for alternative gateways to academic success. Through art She can reach visual and tactile learners in social studies, science, math, reading and writing, problem solving and cognitive learning. She's able to work with students during and after school on campus, in an after-school program, or at her Studio.

Curriculum and Instruction is student/Instructor driven and cost varies based on number of students and costs of materials. This will all be discussed and agreed on before tutoring begins.

Shannon in the Community

Shannon is apart of the BBB of Southern Arizona, Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce and attends the Foothills Community Market.


BBB of Southern Arizona



Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce



Foothills Community Market